Travel Tips


The period between November and February is the most spectacular time to travel ....


The Myanmar local currency is called “Kyat” , and there are a wide range of denomination banknotes issued – K5000, K1000, K500, K200, K100, K50, K20, K10, K5 and K1.

Another form of currency used in Myanmar is the “Foreign Exchange Certificate” (FEC), which is equivalent to USD. FEC denominations equivalent to $20, $10, $5 and $1 are in use commonly by both locals and tourists, especially for settlement for airlines, hotels, restaurants, and entrance fees for tourism sites. The use of any international credit card, such as – VISA, American Express, etc. is not accepted in Myanmar.


Telephone Calls

Telephone services are available in almost everywhere in the major cities. Please be reminded that foreign mobile phones do not work within Myanmar.


Time Zone

Myanmar Standard Time is UTC ( GMT ) + 6.5 hours.


When To Go

The period between November and February is the most spectacular time to travel around Myanmar – owing to least rain and, of course, heat.
Daily temperature of around 35°C to 40°C conquers most places, except for some cool hill towns in the country side, during the months of March to May.
Frequent shower of rain comes in with the start of southwest monsoon between mid-May and mid-June, and it dunk the country through till October.



For this country of warm and humid climate, cool and comfortable cotton clothes turn out to be the most suitable ones for travellers.



The current is run at 220 volts, 50 hertz AC.



There are pharmacies all around the major cities, and also physicians are reachable. While travelling, it is strongly recommended to bring along your own sealed water bottle. Food and drinks from roadside vendors should be avoided unless you have a strong stomach. It is advised to take your regular medication, as well as insect repellents along with you, especially in upcountry and forested areas. Hat and high-factor block cream and sunglasses are advisable as protection against the hot tropical sun when sightseeing.