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October (Thidingyunt) Festival of Lights, November (Tazaungmone)  ....

1. January  (Pyatho)

2. February (Tabodwe) (Hta-ma-nae) Glutinous Rice

3. March (Tabaung)

4. April (Tankhu-Tagu) Myanmar New Year (Thinggyan Festival)

5. May (Kasone) The Watering Tree Festival

6. June (Nayone) The Scriptual Examination

7. July (Waso) Lenten Season

8. August (Wagaung) Maha Dok Festival

9. Semptember (Tawthlin) Boat Racing Festival

10. October (Thidingyunt) Festival of Lights

11. November (Tazaungmone)

12. December (Nattaw)