Mileage Table

Earning and Calculating Miles for members of My Wings

Earning Miles

In accumulating mileage in My Wings Frequent Flyer Program, it is mandatory to show member card at the point of ticket reservation or at Check-in at the airport, mileage will be automatically added to your mileage database according to the mileage you will be travelling. However, discounted tickets and canceled trip mileage will not be added. In order to properly register the mileage you are travelling, it is required that you show the membership number on the member card at the point of ticket reservation or at Check-in at the airport. In cases, of not registering before flying and would like to update your mileage, please contact the Commercial Department at Asian Wings Airways for mileage registration within three months.


Calculating Miles

Members can accumulate miles as shown below.

Mileage Bank

According to the diagram, the entire member’s will to get 100% of miles and for Guides, can accumulate 50% of miles. For the one who accumulated (1000) miles, you can get an extra 10 more miles as an award.

Rules of Earning Miles

  • Miles are record only at the time from the departure to the arrival time.
  • Earning miles is only entitled for the ticket holders, not for the one who cashed for the tickets.
  • Invalid tickets shown below are not counted.
  1. Unused Tickets
  2. Misused Tickets
  3. Refunded Tickets
  4. Reward Tickets/Complementary Tickets
  5. FOC Tickets
  6. Invalid Tickets
  7. PSA
  8. Voided Tickets
  9. Exchanged (or) Tax Evaded Tickets
  10. Child & Infant Tickets
  11. Tickets with Special Rates

Asian Wings Airways and Alliance Hotels

As for the Frequent Flyer Members mileages can also be collected if you present this membership card to selected alliance hotels.

Hotel Awards

  • 25 miles for 1 night
  • 50 miles for 2 nights
  • 75 miles for 3 nights