My Wings Frequent Flyer Member’s Handbook

“Min-galar-bar! We warmly wish to the Specials Members who always fly your dreams with Asian Wings Airways. This Program is the one of the special feedback for our special customers and members. This Program is called “My Wings Frequent Flyer Program”. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, if you travel by airs a lot, you should seriously consider joining our frequent flyer program. Some business travelers recommend enrolling in just one, or at most two, programs so that you have an opportunity to amass more miles quickly. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the contents of this program guide, which details the many benefits you can enjoy as a My Wings Frequent Flyer Program’ member, so that you can take full advantage of your My Wings Frequent Flyer Program’ membership.” This booklet has been dedicated to our loyal customers who have put their trust in ‘Asia Wings Airlines’. This booklet explains on how to make use of the miles that you have travelled with Asia Wings. Membership status, redeeming of mileage in other terms and conditions in how to make full use of “My Wings Frequent Flyer programs”. In order to suit your needs, we will be changing different programs all year round/seasonally. My wings frequent flyer program will be taking full responsibility in walking you through our program experience.

Membership application
“My Wings Frequent Flyer Program” offer members a range of exclusive benefits designed to make travelling with Asian Wings Airways even more rewarding. Alternatively, you can complete an application form available at any of Asian Wings Airways ticketing offices, airport check-in desks or on board Asian Wings Airways flights. If you agree with the terms and conditions of the program; please return the form with your signature, to our air ticket and the boarding pass or you can send it to the Commercial Department based in Yangon via the post office. If you are one of our members or already know of our program, please share this information to your partners who are interested in this. This program is our way of saying thank you for choosing to fly with Asian Wings Airways. As a member, you will enjoy a range of exclusive privileges and benefits designed to make travelling with us even more rewarding.

Member Classes
There are three different types of member of classes: Classic Wings Member, Silver Wings, and Gold Wings and these depend upon the mileage that you have flown with My Wings Frequent Flyer Program. Members can raise member class by collecting mileage, once a year. Rewards are granted differently for the different member classes.

Classic Wings Member
Rules for the member of Classic Wings

  • Once you complete the membership form, you are officially one of the members.
  • A member must earn (3000) miles point a year.
  • If a member is not able to earn (3000) mileage a year, a member will receive only 50% of his/her total collected mileage. A member can still be a member of Classic Wings member for a one more year.

Privileges of Classic Wings Member

  • The members are considered a priority at the launching program or rewarding program which is celebrated by My Wings Frequent Flyer Program.
  • A member can fully get the promotion reward by the companies which is joined with My Wings Frequent Flyer Program. More details information is display in the My Wings News Letter.

Silver Wings Member
Rules for the member of Silver Wings

  • To be a Silver Wings’ member, you will need to earn (3000) mileage from Classic Wings
  • A member status will upgraded to the Gold Wings if you can earn (15000) mileage within 2 years.

Privileges of Silver Wings Member
A Silver Wings’ member can get variety of awards given by My Wings Frequent Flyer Program, exclusive privileges and is be able to be a member of Gold Wings. The Silver Wings’ members can enjoy more special promotions given by our partners and more benefits than the Classic Wings’ member.
(More information is available from “My Wings News Letter”)
My Wings Frequent Flyer Program offers special priority services for Silver Wings’ member. Services are shown below:

  • Excess Baggage of 10kg
  • Priority Waiting List
  • Priority Boarding
  • Priority Baggage Handling

Gold Wings Member
Rules for the member of Gold Wings
Gold Wings is valid for 2 years or 24 months from the date it is purchased. A member who accumulates (1500) miles points within 2 years can get the Award Ticket. A member who can only earned (1500) miles points will still be the Gold Wings Member. If a member cannot earn (1500) miles points, member level will be automatically degraded to the status of Silver Wings. A member of Gold Wings must earn (1500) miles points within 2 years.

Privileges of Gold Wings Member
Gold Wings’ member can get the top priority than any other Wings; Classic and Silver. Also the several awards, launching programs, can use more opportunities and other benefits.
(For information, you can get from My Wings News Letter)
My Wings Frequent Flyer Program offers special priority services for Silver Wings’ member. Services are shown below:

  • Excess Baggage of 20kg
  • Priority Waiting List
  • Priority Boarding
  • Priority Baggage Handling
  • Priority Check-in
  • Free use of Lounge (Where Available)

How to extend My Wings’ Member card?
When your card is expired, you can extend by exchanging new card at Asian Wings Airways main office. For a member who hasn’t earned miles, you need to pay 5000ks as service fees to renew it.

How to apply for a new card, if you have lost your card?
In cases where you have lost your member card, please apply for a new card at Asian Wings Airways’ Main office or branch offices. It takes approximately 5 days to receive a new card from the Main office. Branch offices require a longer period of up to 2 weeks for a new card. A service charge of 5000ks is applied for a new card.

Earning and Calculating Miles for members of My Wings
Earning Miles
In accumulating mileage in My Wings Frequent Flyer Program, it is mandatory to show member card at the point of ticket reservation or at Check-in at the airport, mileage will be automatically added to your mileage database according to the mileage you will be travelling. However, discounted tickets and canceled trip mileage will not be added. In order to properly register the mileage you are travelling, it is required that you show the membership number on the member card at the point of ticket reservation or at Check-in at the airport. In cases, of not registering before flying and would like to update your mileage, please contact the Commercial Department at Asian Wings Airways for mileage registration within three months.

Calculating Miles
Members can accumulate miles as shown below.

Mileage Bank
According to the diagram, the entire member’s will to get 100% of miles and for Guides, can accumulate 50% of miles. For the one who accumulated (1000) miles, you can get an extra 10 more miles as an award.

Rules of Earning Miles

  • Miles are record only at the time from the departure to the arrival time.
  • Earning miles is only entitled for the ticket holders, not for the one who cashed for the tickets.
  • Invalid tickets shown below are not counted.
  1. Unused Tickets
  2. Misused Tickets
  3. Refunded Tickets
  4. Reward Tickets/Complementary Tickets
  5. FOC Tickets
  6. Invalid Tickets
  7. PSA
  8. Voided Tickets
  9. Exchanged (or) Tax Evaded Tickets
  10. Child & Infant Tickets
  11. Tickets with Special Rates

My Wings Frequent Flyer Calendar for Reward Program
My Wings Frequent Flyer Benefits of Award Ticket
The table below demonstrates the accumulated mileage for receiving or claiming Complimentary Ticket (Award Ticket) accordance to the mileage collected.
My Wings Frequent Flyer mileage rewards can not only benefit by the members but also by the nominees of the members. Service charges of Local Award Ticket or USD 45 for Foreigner Award Ticket will be applied every time the member nominates other person as Name Change Fees, for any trip offered by Asian Wings.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Name Changes/Nominations can be applied 2 weeks prior to the trip by filling out the Award Ticket Requisition Form.
  2. After the ticket has been redeemed, changes to dates of departure can be made and services charges of 5000 kyats will be applied to this action.
  3. The latest date for Name Changes is 2 days prior to redeeming the Award Ticket.
  4. Names cannot be changed after the Award Ticket has been redeemed.
  5. Fuel Surcharges and Tax will be charged upon issuing the award ticket.
  6. Charges of 10000 kyats or USD 15 will be applied for lost tickets upon collecting mileage for Award Ticket.

Award Ticket Requisition Forms are available at any Asian Wings brunches and Head office Commercial Department. Award Tickets are to be applied with completed Ticket Requisition Forms prior to 2 weeks before planned trip.
For more information, Please contact Asian Wings Commercial Department;
Phone No: +95-1-505259, 532252, extension 130, 136.

Terms and Conditions for Award Tickets

  1. The ticket has validity.
  2. Ticket Requisition Form is needed to be filled out upon redeeming.
  3. 14 days noticed is needed to be given to the Asian Wings Office before planned trip in order to redeem the ticket. The mileage will be minus from the account within 24hours.
  4. If the redeem ticket has not been used, members need to inform the Asian Wings Office within 5 days to reimburse the mileage.
  5. Expired mileage will be not carried onto another year.
  6. Award Tickets can be collected via the members personally or representative along with the written letter from the member.
  7. The traveller can alter the award date before redeeming the ticket and can also collect the mileage.
  8. As for other alternations, new reservation is need for mileage recollections. 5 working days are to be expected.
  9. Airplane surcharges and tax from the government are to be paid in full upon collecting the Award Ticket.
  10. Members are to be aware of the fact that expired mileages are not valid for redeeming Award Ticket those mileages. That is why it is important to redeem the Award Tickets two weeks prior to the expiry date.

Asian Wings Airways and Alliance Hotels
As for the Frequent Flyer Members mileages can also be collected if you present this membership card to selected alliance hotels.

Hotel Awards

  • 25 miles for 1 night
  • 50 miles for 2 nights
  • 75 miles for 3 nights

Promotional Awards
Myanmar Treasure Resorts
– 10% discount on F&B for all members
– 15% discount at Business Center for all members
– 10% discount on Spa for all members

Espace Avenir
– 20% discount on Room rate &
– Food & Beverage for all members

Aureum Palace
Published Room Rate
– 15% discount for Classic Wings Members
– 20% discount for Silver Wings Members
– 25% discount for Gold Wings Members

Spa & Message
– 15% discount for Classic Wings Members
– 20% discount for Silver Wings Members
– 25% discount for Gold Wings Members

Food & Beverage
– 15% discount for Classic Wings Members
– 20% discount for Silver Wings Members
– 25% discount for Gold Wings Members

Elite Tech
– 2% discount for Classic Wings Members
– 3% discount for Silver Wings Members
– 5% discount for Gold Wings Members

Myanmar Shopping Mall
– 2% discount for all members

Kandawgyi Palace
– 10% discount for all members at
– Chinese Restaurant
– French Restaurant
– Member Club

– 10% discount on F&B for all members
– 10% discount on Spa for all members
– 15% discount at Business Center for all members

Yangon United Football Club
– 10% discount for all members at
– YUFC Collector’s Store (Myanmar Shopping Mall)

Terms and Conditions
Membership in the My Wings Frequent Flyer Program is subject to the following Terms and Conditions.

  • Membership is applicable only to individual 12 years of age or above who has a mailing address in Myanmar.
  • Membership is not open to families, group, companies, trusts, partnerships, other entities, government, departments, agencies and animals.
  • People who wish to become Members must apply for Membership by filling and signing the completed Membership Application Form upon agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, and must submit the form to Asian Wings Head Office.
  • Each Member can only obtain a single My Wings Frequent Flyer Account.
  • Successful applicants will become Classic Wings Member, and Membership kit will be sent to member mailing address.
  • The Member’s mailing address mentioned in the applied Membership Applications Form will be taken as an official mailing address to get the member informed of special privileges, promotions and other offers. Asian Wings will not take responsibility for any of the incorrect mailing address.
  • Each Member is responsible to inform Asian Wings for any address change in complete details. Asian Wings will not take any responsibility for a Member failure to notify address changes or for any incorrect changes notified.
  • Each member may, at any time, surrender their respective Membership by providing written notice to Asian Wings Airways.
  • Membership identity numbers and accumulated mileage are nontransferable from one category of membership to another or one member to another.
  • FOC, ID, AD and DISCOUNTED tickets are not entitled for the specials privileges. However tickets issued with special credit are subject to approval.
  • Any tax liability or surcharges applied on the Award Tickets in case of official changes is the sole responsibility of the Member and Asian Wings Airways makes no guarantee in relation to such tax liability or surcharges.
  • The accumulated travel miles will remain in Member’s account for one year before the expiry date. And thus, Members have to apply for Award Ticket (2) weeks prior to the expired date, upon the adequacy of mileage accumulation. After the expiry date, 50% of the expired unredeemed accumulated miles will be deleted from members’ accounts.
  • Asian Wings shall have the right to alter the My Wings Frequent Flyer Program rules, regulations, benefits, conditions for participation, mileage levels in whole or in part at any time with or without notice, even though change many affect the value of the mileage or already issued awards. Asian Wings shall also have the right to change or terminate FFP’s partners, withdraw, limit, modify or regulate the transferability of Awards or benefits, add unlimited number of blackout dates, or limit the number of seats available to any or all destinations.
  • Membership accounts which no mileage activity has for a period of (2) consecutive years after the date of the last credited activity will be automatically cancelled with all accrued mileage forfeit.
  • Asian Wings Airways reserve the right to alter change or ever terminate My Wings Frequent Flyer Program.

Asian Wings Frequent Flyer Program Section
This is the main contact point for Frequent Flyer Program where you can redeem Awards or about the program in general.
Telephone: (951) 515259, 515260, 532252 Ext. 130,136 (Asian Wings Head Office’ Commercial Department)

To submit mileage claims, or for written inquiries,
Fax: 95-1-532333 and
Post: No.34 (A-1). Shwe Taung Gyar Street, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Office Hour: Monday to Friday (09:30 – 17:30)
(Excluding public holidays)