Lashio was famous in World War II as the starting point of the Burma Road. Capital of the northern Shan State, major settlement is Shan and Chinese being bordering with Yunan province of China. The famous Burma Road built by the British before the War, interests with Ledo Road leading into the Yunnan province. Lashio… Read more »



Thandwe, called Sandoway by the British, is a city and major seaport in southern Myanmar. It is also a district. Location Thandwe is very ancient, and is said to have been at one time the capital of Rakhine State, then called Arakan. The district has an area of 3,784 square miles. The country is mountainous,… Read more »



Sittwe is the capital of Rakhine State, which as a long coasting bodering on the Bay of Bangal. It is a town originally built by the British in 1826. There is a view point to be enjoyed along the coast. Sittwe is filled with Culture and traditional heritage and colourful Rakhine races. The town’s popular… Read more »

Kyauk Phyu

Kyauk Phyu

It is a major town in Rakhine State. It is located on the north western corner of Yanbye Island on Combermere Bay and is 250 miles northwest of Yangon. The city also has the old Kyauk Phyu which situated 7 miles from the present town where two colossal white rocks exist.